What You Need to Know About an ICBC Investigation

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident in British Columbia, you will be dealing with ICBC which is our public automobile insurance corporation here in BC. ICBC investigates every motor vehicle claim after an accident. And, as is the case with most insurance companies, they will often attempt to downplay injuries or damages in order to avoid paying large claims. personal injury lawyers go up against ICBC every day due to this inequity and shortchanging injury victims after accidents.

ICBC Response to Fraudulent Claims

ICBC has been subject to fraudulent claims to the tune of up to $600 million each year. Unfortunately, the innocent victim pays for this when ICBC treats everyone as if they are criminals. The result is that victims routinely get denied claims or shortchanged in compensation. This is when getting the legal advice of a injury lawyer is important.

If You Are Investigated

Because of the vast amount of fraud that takes place each year, ICBC routinely investigates a cross section of claims. If they see what they consider a red flag, there may be more of a likelihood that you will be investigated to ensure the validity of your claim. When you have a lawyer on your side, you have a much greater chance of getting fair compensation after an injury due to an accident.

Adjusters Looking for Inconsistencies

Because ICBC is so overcautious about fraudulent claims, their adjusters are always looking for incriminating information and can often look for it where it doesn’t exist. When you are going through your ICBC investigation, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to answer what may be leading questions and you can be honest and admit when you may not remember incidents.

Investigators May Be Watching You

ICBC has been known to hire investigators to find out information about you in an attempt to prove you are not being honest. It is important to understand that even your social media will be watched after a claim in order to catch you doing or saying something that may be contrary to what you are telling ICBC. Be aware that things you do or say can be damaging to your claim.

No More New “Friends”

Social media surveillance is a handy way to keep tabs on claimants. If you find that people you don’t know are sending friend requests your way, you should ignore them. In today’s age of online transparency, you should always assume that anything you post online can follow you to court.

The same holds true for your in-person behavior. You must consider that if you are being investigated by ICBC, they will also watch for physical behavior that is different than what you have claimed. Investigators will interview friends, family, and co-workers to see if anything you have told them is contradictory to what is actually happening in your life. If you have claimed debilitating injuries and ICBC investigators can ascertain that you have no limit in your daily routine, your claim is in serious jeopardy.

Before you meet with ICBC, you should have the advice of a skilled personal injury lawyer to prepare you. Most lawyers offer a no-cost consultation in order to discuss your claim.