About Framingham Centre Nursery School

What We Provide
Framingham Centre Nursery School offers a program designed to meet all of your child’s needs. The goals which provide the foundation for our program are:

  • To treat each child as a unique person worthy of respect
  • To provide a safe and positive environment where each child can reach his/her own potential
  • To provide programs and opportunities that stimulate and encourage creativity, curiosity, divergent thinking and self-reliance
  • To support and encourage each child’s cognitive, emotional, physical and social development
  • To provide a creative space where children can both learn and play
  • To provide an atmosphere where children can build a foundation for future success
  • To nurture the joy of learning

What Sets Us Apart
What sets Framingham Centre Nursery School apart is its commitment to be flexible to the needs of families, including:

  • Flexible full and part-time programs available for children from 2.9 to 5 years;
  • Joining in on “Lunch Bunch”, “Stay Day” or “Extended Day” with just a phone call to the Executive Director;
  • We have a peanut-free and tree nut-free environment;
  • Multiple opportunities to attend day, evening and weekend family gatherings and events;
  • Active Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) involvement;
  • A large, fenced-in playground;
  • Wooded areas within the school property afford excellent opportunities for nature and science studies;
  • Warm, calm and nurturing staff with diverse experiences and backgrounds;
  • Gym and music classes led by experienced instructors.