Filing Accident Claims For Vehicle Collisions Outside Of British Columbia

Following your involvement in a motor vehicle collision outside the confines of British Columbia, you may be wondering how to file your claim, and whether or not you are even still entitled to compensation for your losses. Fortunately for you, there is a chance that you can still obtain benefits from the ICBC under your current policy. This may still be true, even if the collision took place outside of Canada and in the United States. Your coverage should extend to all of the States, including Personal Injury Lawyer Nanaimo. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t go for other countries, including any country located in South and Central America.
When the Involved Parties Are Both from British Columbia…
Under these circumstances, the regular litigation is free to commence once both parties have returned to British Columbia. However, If one party refuses to undergo these proceedings, the other party can opt to obtain a court order which forces the unwilling party to return to British Columbia so the case can be taken to a court. Having a good ICBC Lawyer in Nanaimo represent your rights and help you seek justice becomes imperative.
When the Vehicle Is A Rental…

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Even if your vehicle is a rental licensed to another province, the ICBC could still become involved in the case, depending on your policy. If the ICBC does become involved, they will be required to obey by the motor vehicle laws of the jurisdiction your accident took place in and your vehicle was registered with. Specifically, they will have to obey the laws regarding accident benefits and liability. For more details regarding this matter, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer in Langley.
No Fault Benefits In The Case Of An Out Of Province Accident…
If the motor vehicle collision took place in another Canadian province, or anywhere in the United States, then you will still be entitled to claim Part 7 benefits, aka no-fault benefits, from the ICBC. However, before you can claim these benefits, you will first need to file a claim against another insurer. Talk with your lawyer to know more about the processes.
The coverage provided by no fault benefits extends to a maximum of $300,000 and serves to purpose of compensation for rehabilitation and other medical expenses, i.e. medical bills, medication, physical therapy, and more. Additional benefits are sometimes awarded to compensate for income loss and housekeeping bills. You may consult with a lawyer to receive maximum compensation as per your specific case.
When UMP Is Applicable…
Underinsured motor protection can only be applicable if motor vehicle claims weren’t banned in the state or province the collision took place. Thus, legal consultation becomes important.