Common ways to smoke marijuana: bongs and pipes

There is always more than one way to reach the same goal, and talking about the use of marijuana, we can surely say there is plenty of ways to do it. Of course, depending on where we are located and its customs, the options available can vary.

Many people think that, for consuming marijuana or other herbs, you only can use a cigarette. But if you are new to smoking or just want to try something different, you will be happy to know all the different ways you can smoke marijuana. 

Whether you are consuming marijuana for medical reasons or only for recreation, you do well in learning about all the different methods available in this huge market.

Using bongs to smoke marijuana

One of the most famous smoking methods is, without the shadow of a doubt, using a bong. You can use an acrylic or glass beaker bong, and it will give you excellent results. The history of these extends over centuries, and in the oldest smoking method of which there is a record.

There are many options for bongs, such as beaker bongs, gravity bongs, and others. To use them, you will need to use a certain amount of water, depending on the size of the bong.

 It is also needed to use a considerable amount of marijuana or weed since bongs use more material than other smoking methods. And, although bongs could feel better on our lungs, the smoke produces the same effect a normal cigarette does.

Using pipes to smoke marijuana

Another famous and effective way of smoking marijuana is using pipes, which are way easier to carry than bongs. The majority of pipes can fit in a pocket and are easy to use and get. You can even personalize yours if you want, making it look however you like.

There are many different shapes of smoking pipes available, like steamrollers, chillums, spoons, Sherlocks, and some others. These produce dry smoke, and you do not need to use water to smoke with pipes. You only need to introduce the weed in the bowl chamber and light up the pipe with flame.

On the other hand, if you want to use a water pipe, you can easily get a bubbler. These are similar to bongs in the fact that they use water, and just like any other pipe, are easy to use.

In addition to bongs and pipes, there are many other ways of ingesting marijuana. For example, you can use vaporizers, go dabbing, home-bake marijuana brownies, using marijuana tinctures, and some others.

Of course, before trying any of the methods described here, always make sure these are completely legal where you live. You also can get help from an expert to follow all the needed steps correctly.

That way, you will avoid many problems that could even affect your physical or mental health. To get all the help you need, only contact us here in Tank Glass and we will give the needed advice and guide.